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The selection for the March meeting of the adult book discussion group is “The Murdered Family” by Vernon Alfred Keel. This novel is based on a true story about the mass murder of a farm family. The Murdered Family raises questions about the guilt of the man convicted of the crime. A wave of fear sweeps across the barren prairies of central North Dakota in April of 1920 with the tragic news that seven members of a farm family and their hired boy have been brutally murdered at their home just north of Turtle Lake in McLean County.

A massive search for the killers begins immediately in the midst of an intense statewide election campaign. Three weeks later, eager investigators encouraged by nervous politicians get a signed confession from one of the prime suspects in the case. He is sentenced that same day to life in the state penitentiary in what the New York Times referred to then as ”the most rapid administration of justice in the country.”

The group will meet on Wednesday, March 4 at 10 AM in the West Room. Stop by and pick up a book if you are interested.

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