New Titles at the Library:

A few junior easy books include “The Seven Chinese Sisters” by Kathy Tucker; “I Lost My Tooth!”, “I Want to Sleep Under the Stars!” and “Who is the Mystery Reader?” all by the popular children’s author, Mo Williams; “We Love You, Mr. Panda” by Steve Antony; and “Last Unicorn” by Jemina Summer.

            A new junior non-fiction series by Joanne Mattern has the titles “Inclined Planes”, “Levers”, “Pulleys”, “Screws”, “Wedges” and “Wheels and Axles”.  This Simple Machines Fun Series is geared to 4-8 year-olds and gives them a beginning knowledge about function and history of simple machines. There are also easy experiments to allow kids to test out this new knowledge.

            Another junior non-fiction series, Our Favorite Foods, by Christina Leaf and Joanne Mattern, has titles “French Fries”, “Macaroni & Cheese”, “Pizza”, “Tacos”, “Ice Cream” and “Chocolate Chip Cookies”.         

            A large print adult fiction addition is “Sunflower Sisters” by Martha Hall Kelly. This is book two of the Woolsey-Ferriday Series. Book one was “The Lilac Girls”, which introduced Caroline Ferriday. This second book tells the story of Caroline’s ancestor, Georgeanna Woolsey, a Civil War nurse.           

  New magazines this week are Quick & Easy Quilts, Grit, Russian Life, People, Good Housekeeping

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