New Titles at the Library:

The library has recently added several non-fiction books to the shelves.

            One is “Building a Culture of Ownership in Healthcare: The invisible architecture of core values, attitude and self-empowerment” by Joe Tye. This is the book that the Heart of America Medical Center is using as a discussion tool for staff and board members to assist in building a culture of working together well and focusing on values.

            New books about kids are “Bringing up Bookmonsters: the joyful way to turn your child into a fearless, ravenous reader” by Amber Ankowski; “The Music Advantage: how music helps your child develop, learn, and thrive” by Anita Collins; “Social Skills for Kids: from making friends and problem-solving to self-control and communication, 150+ activities to help your child develop essential social skills” by Keri K. Powers; and “When You Wonder, You’re Learning: Mr. Rogers’ enduring lessons for raising creative, curious, caring kids” by Gregg Behr.

            For adults we have “The Gifts of Imperfection: let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are” by Brene Brown. From This game-changing New York Times bestseller has sold more than 2 million copies in more than 30 different languages and is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in print. Forbes magazine named Gifts one of the “Five Books That Will Actually Change Your Outlook On Life.” Through this self-help classic we find courage to overcome paralyzing fear and self-consciousness, strengthening our connection to the world and helping us to believe we are worthy of self-discovery, personal growth, and boundless love.

            “Nowhere Girl: a memoir of a fugitive childhood” by Cheryl Diamond and “Sinatra and Me: in the wee small hours” by Tony Oppedisano are new adult biographies.

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Story Time

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Library Book Group

Adult Book Group

The Book Discussion Group will meet on Tuesday, August 3 at 10 AM in the West Room.

The book chosen for this time is “The Lager Queen of Minnesota”, a fiction selection by J. Ryan Stradal.  This is a novel of family, Midwestern values, hard work, fate and the secrets of making a world-class beer.

If you are interested, pick one up at the circulation desk.

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The Heart of America Library has a Facebook page!


Like us and get all the up to date information about

what’s happening at the Library!

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Non-Discrimination Statement

The Heart of America Library

is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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Accessing the library version of from home

Due to widespread library closures in response to the global pandemic, Ancestry Library Edition is now available outside our library by using this URL:

From home, a patron will need to sign in through the ODIN authgate using a library’s remote access credentials. That is site the above link takes you to. At that ODIN website, sign in with the following information.

For 14 digit barcode, enter: 23125001134194

For password, enter: heart

(note that the password must be all lower-case)

Then, click the “Public, K12, Special Libraries Logon” button.

That should take you to the ancestry website.

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New Library Procedures

The Heart of America Library is now open to the public and will return to our regular operating hours.  There are some guidelines, and we ask the cooperation of patrons:

If you are sick or feeling unwell please do not come to the library – opt for delivery or curbside pickup.

If you would rather not come into the library, we will continue to do delivery and curbside pick-up.

If you would like to come into the library we will be here for regular hours. Patrons are encouraged to select items and leave in a timely manner.

Social distancing is encouraged. Use the sanitizer unit on the small table by the entrance when you enter the building.

Please put all returns in the book drop outside.  Items will continue to be quarantined for a week.

When checking out items, put each item through the opening in the plexi-glass dividers, allowing them to be scanned. The employee will not be touching the item, only scanning.

Only two public computers will be available. Only adult usage for business purposes…no games, etc.

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