Library News January 27, 2023

Upcoming story hours will be Friday, February 10 and Friday, February 24 from 10:15 to 11:15 AM.  February 10 will have The Three Bears theme and February 24 will have a Fairy Tale theme.  All children 5 and under are welcome to attend, but we do ask that children 3 and under be accompanied by an adult.

The next book discussion group will meet Tuesday, February 7 at 10:00 AM at the library.  The book is “Home Front” by Kristin Hannah.

JOB OPENING:  The Heart of America Library is seeking a Library Director.  This is a full-time salaried position answering to the Library Board.  Applicant must be a high school graduate or equivalent, library science minor preferred or three years library work with computer and bookkeeping skills.   A full job description is available at the library upon request.  Applications can be submitted to: (Attention Hiring Committee)

New in fiction is Without a Trace by Danielle Steel. What would happen if you were given a chance to walk away from everything in your life and start over with a blank slate, and you had a split second to decide? In Without a Trace, Danielle Steel tells an irresistible story of the risks two people are willing to take in exchange for a chance at the life they’ve always wanted.

New in large print fiction is The Couple at the Table by Sophie Hannah. The description reads, “Honeymooners at a posh resort receive an ominous warning with deadly consequences in the latest gripping, twisty psychological thriller from New York Times bestselling author Sophie Hannah. Jane and William are enjoying their honeymoon at an exclusive couples-only resort…until Jane receives a chilling note warning her to “Beware of the couple at the table nearest to yours.” At dinner that night, five other couples are present, and none of their tables is any nearer or farther away than any of the others. It’s almost as if someone has set the scene in order to make the warning note meaningless—but why would anyone do that? Jane has no idea. But someone in this dining room will be dead before breakfast, and all the evidence will suggest that no one there that night could have possibly committed the crime.”

Also new in large print fiction is Wyoming Homecoming by Diana Palmer, Livid by Patricia Cornwell, and Forever Texas by William W. Johnstone.

New in junior nonfiction is The Secret Life of a Snowflake: An Up-close look at the Art and Science of Snowflakes by Kenneth Libbrecht. The book description reads, “Before a snowflake melts on your tongue, it makes an epic journey. This is the beautiful, full-color story of that journey, step by step, from a single snowflake’s creation in the clouds, through its fall to earth, to its brief and sparkling appearance on a child’s mitten. Told by a scientist who knows snowflakes better than almost anyone, the story features his brilliant photographs of real snowflakes, snowflakes forming (in the author’s lab), water evaporating, clouds developing, ice crystals, rain, dew, and frost–all the elements of the world and weather that add up, flake by flake, to the white landscape of winter. Aimed at readers from 6 to 12, The Secret Life of a Snowflake gets to the heart of one of nature’s most magical phenomena while making the wonder of the snowflake all the more real.”

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