Library News July 22, 2022

Join us for the last “Oceans of Possibilities” summer story hour on Friday August 5 at 10:00 AM until 11:15 AM.  It is for children ages 5 years and under (children 3 or under must be attended by an adult).  Please call to let us know your child will be attending so we know how many to prepare for, if you have not signed them up already.

The next book club will meet Tuesday, August 2, at 10:00 AM.

North Dakota State Park passes are available for checkout!
Provided by the North Dakota State Library and the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department, each pass provides daily vehicle access to any state park.  They may be checked out for one week at a time and are renewable, unless they have been reserved.

New in Fiction is The Summer of Lost and Found by Mary Alice Monroe. The description reads, “A timely, tender, and compassionate tale of perseverance, love, and the bonds of family in the face of tremendous and sometimes painful upheaval in this latest novel in the New York Times bestselling Beach House series. The coming of spring usually means renewal, but for Linnea Rutledge, this spring is a season of challenge. Linnea faces another layoff, this time from the aquarium she adores, and her family’s finances, emotions, and health teeter on the brink. To complicate matters, her new love interest, Gordon, struggles to return to the Isle of Palms from England. Meanwhile, her old flame, John, turns up from California and is quarantining next door. She tries to ignore him, but when he sends her plaintive notes in the form of paper airplanes, old sparks ignite. When Gordon at last reaches the island, Linnea wonders—is it possible to love two men at the same time? Love in the time of COVID-19 proves challenging, at times humorous, and ever changing. Relationships are redefined, friendships made and broken, and marriages tested. As the weeks turn to months, and another sea turtle season comes to a close, Linnea learns there are more meaningful lessons during this summer than opportunities lost: that summer is a time of wonder, and that the exotic lives in our own backyards.”

New in Junior Fiction is the series “A Misfits Life for Me” by Jan Field. The series follows the adventures of Elizabeth and her adventures on a pirate ship. The description reads “Elizabeth is tired of being mistreated in her orphanage, so she runs away and hides in a ship’s cargo hold. But when the ship sets sail, two crewmen discover her during a storm. They think she’s a jinx! What will become of Elizabeth now?”

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